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  • Gibbed's Save Editor (r7)
  • Sparfire & DOMIN8's Pre-Sequel Weapons / Items Code Gallery (Thread)
  • GRINSPANKER13's Profile Editor (PC/X360)
  • TechnoJacker's CheatEngine Table
  • BL2 Database

    It's pretty crazy how many people still visit this page despite the fact the database has been down for over a year! I just really hate the fact that it didn't last longer than it did. I also still get asked on a weekly basis what exactly happened - and I'll be short and blunt: I have no idea. As most of you know, the site was a project shared between me and another user Visual OS who I honestly did not know anything about. He had already created a great spreadsheet with all items, so I just asked if he wanted to migrate that over to an actual web database that's a little easier for users to use. He agreed and after the project was live, it went really great. However I honestly only spoke a few words to the guy via PM over Se7enSins, so I didn't even know him. Very little was ever actually communicated between us except when he needed codes added to the database. Then one day I woke up to a ton of emails asking what was wrong with the site. When I took a look, I noticed he had taken the database down and made it private. There was absolutely nothing I could do about this. He also never mentioned anything to me specifically as to why he took it down. All I was left with was a broken site, and a lot of disappointed users - including myself. But that really is all that happened. I wish I knew more, but unfortunately I don't. The good news though, if you haven't already seen it, is that users Sparfire and DOMIN8 (who were also so fucking cool and helpful in the BL community) created an even better gallery complete with gear, codes, and even images. I can't believe how much time and effort they put into that project, but bravo to them. So if you haven't already, go and check it out. It's an amazing resource that I hope never goes down. LINK

    FCUKWITHFIRE Re-branding: crunchprank

    So apparently it's extremely difficult to register accounts with a username that contains profanity. Bummer, I know! That is why I've always been known as both 'fuckwithfire' and 'fcukwithfire', depending on if I was allowed to use the word 'fuck' or not in my name. Because of this, there was little consistency between my profiles, accounts, sites, etc. For this reason, I recently started going by a new name: crunchprank. This means new accounts on PSN, Twitch, Twitter, Se7enSins, etc. Thus no more FWF (though I'll still keep this domain because I just like the name), but feel free to add me my new name on all those cool social networking outlets. I'm starting from scratch basically so I could use some new friends!